Superior technology, coupled with a healthy dose of creative genius, is what separates great architects from merely adequate ones. Efficient data management that utilizes the latest and best applications and processes, creative tools to develop concepts and ideas, and security that guarantees confidentiality, are all critical to continued success in the industry.


Smart Architect from Urgent PC/Care can help you with each of these issues, and significantly more. This innovative suite of tools and solutions provides you:


  • Secure Data Management and Distribution
  • Industry Specific Applications and Processes
  • Better Collaboration with Clients and Vendors
  • Efficiency Upgrades and System Back-ups
  • Remote Access for More Effective Presentations


The transfer of data from architect to client needs to be a secure and confidential process. The management and distribution tools used in that process determine exactly how safe that transfer will be. Security is one of the featured assets of Smart Architect. We’ve combined that security with applications and processes that were developed using input from architects, making Smart Architect a unique industry-specific solution to your data management and security needs.


Here at Urgent PC/Care, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all systems. The architectural industry is not the construction industry. There are similar issues, but the challenges and operations are different. Smart Architect is designed to meet those challenges and improve operational execution. Data management, security, sustainability processes, efficiency upgrades, and the utilization of mobile and remote access technology for more effective presentations are all included in the package.