The world of nonprofit administration is a more difficult place to do business today than it was even a few short years ago. Regulations and filing requirements are more complex, funding is scarce, and the future often hinges on the next election.


Looking for additional help? Urgent PC/Care can offer it. We call it SmartNonprofit and it will provide you:


  • Improved Time Management and Employee Focus
  • More Streamlined Systems and Processes
  • Compliance Assistance and Critical Security Updates
  • Convenience of Remote Access
  • Data Security and Continuity


Are you a small operation or do you have a large support staff? The challenges you face as an administrator are different in each case. In order toface those challenges you need to have the right tools at your disposal. Is personnel management a chore that consumes all your time? Does it take hours to perform tasks that should be delegated and completed in minutes? Is your data easily accessible? There are times when you’ll need to bring up numbers and statistics upon request. Do you have the systems and capabilities to do that right now? SmartNonprofit can provide them for you.


Efficiency and performance are the keys to success in private industry and nonprofit organizations alike, but there isn’t a single solution which can cross all lines and fit every business model. Your group may be smaller, larger, or more diverse than another nonprofit, and they are certainly not the same as a private company, no matter how similar the focus is. Here at Urgent PC/Care, we provide support and solutions specifically tailored to your unique circumstances.