Laptop Service

If your laptop is damaged, broken, or just giving you fits, don’t rush to the conclusion that it’s time to buy a new one! Often, the laptop can be repaired to give you many more years of useful service at a significantly lower cost than replacing it.

Are laptops cost effective to repair? Usually, yes, even when laptop repair is for a costly item, such as replacing a defective screen. For example, consider the following table comparing the strategies of repairing or replacing a laptop that is causing you problems. In the replacement scenario, we see that not only does the new laptop itself need to be purchased, but also all of the important applications, data, and user settings need to be migrated. Whether you do this migration on your own or pay someone to do it for you, there is a cost involved. Worse, often the installation media and license keys have been lost, entailing additional costs of software replacement.

Repair Existing Laptop
Purchase New Laptop
Cost of repair and parts: $100 - $450New laptop: $500 - $1500
Software migration (labor): $100 - $500
Re-purchase missing licenses: $200 - $500
Total: $100 - $450Total: $800 - $2500

Of course, this is only a hypothetical example, and your situation may be very different. The important point is to take into consideration all of the advantages and disadvantages of repair versus replacement, and to not simply compare against the price of the low end laptop currently advertised for sale.

Advantages to Repair
Advantages to Replace
Usually less costly, both short term and long termCan move to "latest and greatest" hardware (although switching to Vista may cancel out the advantages of better hardware)
May get several years of additional use from current laptopOpportunity for change if you are not happy with features of current laptop
Can avoid software and data migration headaches
More environmentally friendly

Are all laptops worth repairing?

Frankly, no. For example, if a laptop is so old that it has become more of a “boat anchor” than a productivity tool, then it should be replaced, because the cost and hassle of maintaining an obsolete platform exceeds the cost of a new purchase.

Also, some laptops are so badly damaged that they cannot be salvaged at a reasonable cost. If it has been dropped in the ocean, it is probably beyond hope. If it has been run over by a car, crushing the casing, screen, and motherboard, then repair does not make sense. However, in some such cases, the data stored on the hard drive may be recoverable and moved to a new computer.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop?

The cost of repair depends on a few factors, including: the make and model of the laptop; the type of problem; and in some cases the urgency of the repair. We will always give you a clear price estimate of repair so you won’t face any surprises (unless fixing one problem reveals another one). And as with all of our work, if we can’t fix it, you pay nothing.

What about replacing a screen? Isn’t that costly?

In the last few years, costs of most LCD panels have gone down to the point where it is much less expensive to replace a screen than to purchase a new laptop.

Laptop Jack Repair

Do you have to hold the power plug in at a certain angle to get the laptop to stay on? Does your battery not charge anymore and you’ve replaced the Battery/Power Adapter? The adapter plug ‘wiggles’ a lot in the power jack on your laptop and “it doesn’t charge” or “it sometimes does, and other times it doesn’t” ? The Problem might be a loose or broken power jack and Urgent PC/Care can help with that!

As with our other services, we diagnose the problem being the laptop jack by using our special tools to verify that your laptop Battery AC Adapter is giving off the proper volts and amps to rule out any outside problems. Then we test your jack and verify that the jack / soldering on the jack is the problem. Our trained technicians can complete this in a few minutes. Come on in to our Service Center to have your laptop looked at today!